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Euris Group is internationally recognised for our unique business model as our main value is to create financial solutions for a moral cause.

Euris Group

Euris Group offers innovative and profitable tailor-made financial solutions

Euris Group is responsible for the administration, development and management of Shariah principle holdings.
Euris Group aims to act as a bridge between Europe and the MENA region, channeling investment funds into an innovative asset class

Islamic finance

Euris Group, pioneers in our field aiming to take the term “ethical and moral” above and beyond from a financial approach.

The ban on interest

Usury or interest (Riba) refers to any excessive remuneration related to time. It is therefore
forbidden to pay interest on the basis of time alone (`Money alone cannot create money
without the action of physical capital or labour). More than usury, it is the very concept of
interest that is prohibited here. We have constructed a system which avoids this.

Prohibition of financing illegal activities

The asset financed must comply with Sharia law, which excludes operations that involves trading of forbidden (haram) goods/services, sectors, i.e. sectors such as alcohol, weapons, pornography, the pork industry, casinos, etc.

Financing the real economy

All financing must be backed by tangible assets.
It is a requirement to have real assets underlying all financial transactions.

Risk-sharing principle

This principle aims to ensure that the parties to a transaction (the capital holder and the
capital user) assume their responsibilities in case of success as well as risks.

Obligation of transparency and fairness

Uncertainty in the sale of a future thing arises from the impossibility of predicting the quality
and/or quantity of the thing sold. The thing sold must be clearly defined and known for the
sale to be valid and for there to be no uncertainty.

Euris Group

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